Ewen Fernandez

Speed Team Athlete

There is no need to introduce Ewen. He is currently one of the best two speed skaters in the world on a marathon race. In 2017, he won almost every possible race – or made his teammates win!

Name: Fernandez

Surname: Ewen
Living city: Le Poiré-sur-Vie (France)
Date and place of birth: 02/17/1989 in Saint-Lô, France
Nationality: French
Weight: 72kg

Main results in 2017
Winner in Paris, Jeonju, Incheon, Frankfort, P2P
2nd in Dijon, Rennes
5th in Berlin

Motto: No pain, no gain. And in French: on n’a rien sans rien.
Best places to train: close to my home, or the Colinière track in Nantes, or the track of Rennes in France
Best place to compete: Berlin of course, but I also really liked the point to point race of P2P in Spain, a race that I did for the first time last year.

Interview with Ewen
Ewen, how do you feel about joining the Rollerblade World Team?
When I was a young skater, the Rollerblade World Team used to make me dream. There were some stars like Arnaud Gicquel, Jorge Botero, Diego Rosero, Shane and Kalon Dobbin, Fabien Rabeau or Tony Muse… I remember at the world championship of Valence d’Agen in 2001, following some of them with the famous Rollerblade postacards, asking for an autograph. Now we are in 2018, and joining the team is clearly, not only an honor but also a new challenge. I have been part of other world teams before. Last season with my former team, we were dominating the scene too much: I think it was not interesting for our sport, there was very few rivalry. I guess there will be more emulation in 2018!

What are your goals for 2018 on a personal plan and with the team?
On a personnal plan, I am hoping to be part of the French national selection again. I made a break in 2017, which was necessary I think. Now I am motivated again and if everything goes well, I am willing to win a 9th world title – or even more! The world championships will be held in the Netherlands and it is really motivating. To me, this is the best place to have a world championship, with a pro organization, a lot of enthousiastic fans and usually many French supporters who surely will come again this year! On the marathons and with the team, I would like to do as well as in 2017. The goal is to win the WIC overall and to win races, or to make a colleague win.







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