Guillaume Le Gentil

Street Athlete

Name: Guillaume Le Gentil
Age: 29
Current Location: Bordeaux, France
Skating Since: 2000
Current Skate Setup: NJ boot, Blank liner, Hydrogen wheels, Twincam bearings.

What are your three proudest moments from 2017?
1: Living in Paris
2: Get my motorcycle driving license
3: Collaborating with Rollerblade® Product Managers including Tom Hyser on 2018 Street models

Highlights from Team Rollerblade® in 2017:
1: GM Diaries S02. I am very happy for Greg because he became a father and his freeskating is just rad.
2: Skate to Ski videos because skiing is just super cool and match very well with skating. It’s super cool that Rollerblade® understands and promotes it. We are super lucky that Rollerblade® is a part of the Tecnica Group which is a huge group of ski brands (Tecnica, Nordica, Blizzard, Moonboot, etc).
3: Flash back interviews with former Rollerblade® team members who talk about their new life and how skating has influenced their life and career.

Knowing what you know now, what three things you would have done differently in 2017?
1: Fly to the USA, visit and skate West Coast.
2: Going to “Parc des prince” (Paris football stadium) support PSG of M’Bappé, Neymar, Cavani…
3: Skating the Marathon of Paris

Best food you had last year:
1: Kanapkis (polish speciality) made by my girlfriend.
2: Savoyard salad (a mix of cheese and meats made in French Alps)
3: Napolitan pizza

What are you most looking forward in 2018?
1: Working
2: Enjoy the ocean and mountains
3: Traveling with my girlfriend

What are the top three locations you plan to visit in 2018?
1: USA because I’ve dreamt of going there since I was very young. I think a part of me is American.  J
2: Nordic countries (Finland, Norway, Sweden) because nature is so pure and their designers are super rad!
3: Portugal (once again) because I definitely fell in love when I visited there in 2016.

Give us three ways you prioritize health and fitness in your life.
1: Keep your mind fresh and happy. This will make you feel good and in shape, not the opposite.
2: Eat healthy. Just find a good balance.
3: Practice a sport 2 times a week.

What are you top three personal goals to achieve this year?
I would say dreams
1: Doing a road trip on a Harley Davidson through the US desert.
2: Surfing in Portugal
3: Visit one of my best friends in Sydney, Australia

Upcoming events you will attend?
1: Winterclash 2018
2: Nitro Circus in France
3: Taryf contest

What is your mantra or key hashtag for 2018?
Dream Bigger (PSG)











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